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wholistic methylation

Find out how your genetics are affecting your health, and what you can do to optimize how they function.

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2730 Longmire Dr.
College Station, TX  77845

Office: 979-587-3262


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AO Scan Mobile

At Creekside Wellness we provide holistic ways to improve the health of you and your family.

Let us help you be the best version of you:

With one of Bryan/College Station's only traditional naturopaths, we are committed to serving our patrons by increasing their potential for healing, health and wellness in all three dimensions of life: physical, bio-chemical and emotional.


We’re here to help everyone—families, active individuals, health enthusiasts, athletes, kids, and seniors—anyone who truly cares about and values their health to live even better. We will be your coach and supporter so you can live an incredibly healthy and fulfilling life. We’ll provide you with the resources you’ll need to make informed decisions about what’s best for you and your family. 


We utilize state-of-the art technology, including cold laser therapy (Erchonia), ASA Balance, AO Scan, Nutritional Muscle testing and pharmaceutical-grade nutritional supplements, in conjunction with a variety of wellness techniques.


Through education, people will learn the effects of dysfunction within the body and that proper function is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, people will learn how proper nutrition, supplementation, a balanced lifestyle, detox, and exercise can help decrease the negative stresses on their bodies.


Are you ready to feel like You, again?

Give us a call at 979-587-3262 to set up your first visit today!
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