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Sacred Medical Order Church of Hope (SMOCH)


The Sacred Medical Order is a private membership, religious organization, representing a Hospitaller tradition and legacy dedicated to preserving the tradition of monastic medicine as an intangible cultural heritage, and including hospital works, ambulance services, medical provisions and missions, vocations, care modalities, nursing, Christian charity, etc. History records that the first hospitals were Christian, and is a conspicuous mark upon the landscape of humanity. Medical missions is the term used for missionary endeavors that began since earliest times that involve the administration of medical care, solace, and various forms assistance and treatment. As has been common among missionary efforts from the 16th to 20th centuries, medical missionaries often involves residents of the "Western world" traveling to locales from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, or the Pacific Islands, but also those dedicated to problems at home.


SMOCH (Church of Hope) is an ecclesiastical, medical and educational Order. As an ecumenical membership by invitation, to both men and women, who are of good character and standing in their community, having desire to learn about our sacred medicines, and who wish to help the suffering of mankind. SMOKH (the Knights of Hope) are the missionaries of the Church with unique ministries providing fraternity, education, and Church commissions (licensure). SMOKH has many hundreds of members from diverse fields. Now in its nineteenth year of service, with its focus is on education and medical preparedness. It is established and operates on Nevis Island maintaining a teaching center, clinic, museum, historical and traditional link with the founding Knights of St. John of St. Christopher/Nevis (c. 1651) and affiliations to other organizations. The Knights of Hope maintain a Hospitaller/Crusader Museum and Medical Monastic Library, as well as a service Chapel. We have also recently opened an office in Lares, Puerto Rico.

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