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Massage Therapy


We believe Massage therapy should be a no-pain way to gain all the numerous beneifts it promotoes. These benefits extend beyond simple relaxation, they include promoting a healthy lifestyle, detoxification, boosting immune system, increasing mental clarity, improving circulation, relaxing muscle, increasing range of emotion and flexibility, and the list goes on and on.


Choose the modality or combination of modalities that fits your needs!


Swedish Massage

  • Varied pressure of your choosing

  • Great for circulation and lymph movement

  • Helps to decrease stress-related conditions and chronic pain


Sports Massage

  • Increases flexibility and can prevent risk of injury

  • Increases endurance

  • Speeds post-workout recovery time

  • Can bring balance to exercise program

Aroma Therapy

  • Decreases stress related feelings

  • Promotes feelings of joy and wellbeing 

  • Helps to smooth cellular interactions/metabolism

  • Provides anti oxidant rich nutrition to fight disease


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