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Physiological Effects of the Sound on the Human Body

Sound is a delivery system that can deliver specific therapeutic frequencies directly into the connective tissue matrix of the body and utilize specific brain wave states to help create an optimal healing environment. It is the delivery system for the new medicine.  Vibrational, sound based medicine, which can penetrate 100% of the healing properties directly to the area of involvement. 


Basic understanding of our connective tissue and body fluids


Connective tissue surrounds every tissue, system, cell and organ of the body. It is literally the micro skeleton of the cell.  It is what gives us our shape.  This represents approximately 10 to 20% of the body mass.  The other 70-90% of the body consists of water.  These two components are responsible for the overall health and balance of our bodies.  


Fact #1: Connective tissue allows for communication inside and outside the cell.

Fact #2: Connective tissue has a standard operating language of communication.

Fact #3: The operating language of connective tissue is VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY.

Fact #4: Everything in the universe has its own unique VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY.

Fact #5: Resonance of healthy vibrational frequencies creates health and balance.

Fact #6: Water can be one of the best conductors on the planet.

Fact #7: As proven by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Father of Homeopathy, water holds memory.

Fact #8: Human physiology is extremely sensitive to water concentration levels.

Fact #9: 10% reduction in water results in decrease in cellular function by 1 million times!


How this relates to the Sonic-ceuticals Delivery System


Sonic-ceuticals by Bioharmonic Technologies works with specific physiological frequencies, sacred geometry and mathematical ratios that can broadcast (scientifically proven) information to target specific conditions, organs, and tissues.  It works with the language of the connective tissue to vibrate in such a manner to activate neurological responses within our cells.  (Facts #1,#2, #3)  The resonance of the Connective Tissue creates a cascading effect throughout the entire body allowing for natural chemicals to be released.  This is why a common secondary response of relaxation occurs when listening to Sonic-ceuticals.  In a state of relaxation, the body can begin to heal and regenerate.  (Facts #3, #4, #5)  


Let us not forget about the other component of our bodies, Water (Body Fluids). As sound delivers specific proven frequencies to the body, the connective tissue vibrates; this vibration is transferred deep into the cell which is mostly water.  This vibration can assist with the release of old trapped emotional, physical and environmental traumas within the cellular fluid of the body.  Our cells are vacuums.  As something leaves the cell, something has to replace it.  The intercellular memory patterns within the fluid are now free to take on new frequencies and allow this to resonate throughout the entire cellular connective tissue system.  This is referred to as Cellular Memory.  (Facts #5, #6, #7)  


The easiest and best way to complement the Sonic-ceuticals delivery system is to simply drink 

lots of water.  Our bodies are 70—90% water.  As this percentage decreases, so does cellular communication as a result of decreased conductivity. Not all water is the same.  For best results, drink ½ your body weight in ounces of clean, ionized, mineralized water every day.  (Facts #7,#8, #9) 


There is no silver bullet in healthcare.  Alternative Healthcare, by definition is “proactivehealthcare” opposed to “reactive healthcare” which is usually associated with traditional healthcare.  Using the vibroacustic lounge delivery system accompanied with specially designed Sonic-ceuticals from Bioharmonic Technologies, can provide a safe and effective method for maintaining health and balance in one’s life.   


This article was written by Dr. Steven J. Schwartz, DC who lives in San Diego, CA. Dr. Schwartz has been specializing in sound and vibrational medicine for the treatment and management of chronic illness and allergies since 2000.  He is the founder of Bioharmonic Technologies.  He is also the president of ASA Technologies, which is a technology training, and distribution company.  For more information contact Dr. Schwartz directly at 303-521-0019 or visit , or

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